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Earn Crypto Rewards in Multiple Ways

  • Upload your files. Earn crypto.
    When you upload photos, videos, art & other files to your Foggie Max, you earn crypto rewards.
  • Share your public content. Earn crypto rewards.
    The more your public content is viewed, the more crypto you can earn.
  • Earn crypto rewards even while you're sleeping.
    Foggie Max can automatically share idle storage capacity on the Foggie Network, earning you crypto rewards, even while you sleep.

Sleep Soundly:  Use Web3 to Create Secure & Private Off-Site Backups

  • Cutting-edge data protection
  • Off-site backups
    Configure automatic off-site back-ups to other Foggies in the Foggie Network, not to a central cloud
  • Secure:  all back-ups are fully encrypted
  • Guaranteed privacy
    Only your Foggie Max knows the location of its back-ups

Control Access to Your Web3 Content, with Confidence

  • Always have precise control over who can access your files
    • Private:  only you and your dApps have access
    • Semi-Private:  share a URL for access
    • Public:  everyone has access

  • Be certain your public content is accessible
    • Your public content is automatically copied to other Foggies to improve download speed and availability
    • Web3 technology makes your public content unblockable/uncensorable

Savor the Power of Web3 Ownership

  • Guarantee the authenticity of your data 
    Be permanently recorded as the creator of every unique file saved to your Foggie Max.
  • Mint and sell NFTs
    Quickly and easily mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with your data.
  • Eliminate monthly fees for apps
    Buy and download dApps once, and they’re yours forever.
  • Eliminate discontinued apps
    dApps saved to your Foggie Max can’t be deleted, deactivated, or discontinued.
  • Eliminate unfavorable changes in app terms
    dApps don’t connect to centralized cloud services. No cloud connections eliminates unwelcome changes in terms and conditions.

Web3 is all about you. And your data.

In Web2, we uploaded our content and data to 3rd parties. They created massive data sets, generated terrific profits, and became the Web2 tech giants we know today.

It’s time to change that model. Instead of uploading data to 3rd parties, you can now upload data to your own server. Foggie Max puts control and ownership of content, data and apps into the hands of individual consumers.

So get Foggie Max, and maximize your Web3 presence. 

About Us

We make Web3 work for you.

Fog Works, Inc. is a venture-backed private company based in Sunnyvale, CA with employees around the world.  Our team consists of world-class peer-to-peer technologists, blockchain experts, and seasoned entrepreneurs.

The technology underlying Foggie Max has been in the works for over 6 years.

The intellectual inspiration for Foggie Max comes from Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, who introduced the concept of separating online applications from consumer data in 2009.

Get An Exclusive Discount

We're launching soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!